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Paulina Cervenka (1989) is a Czech-Norwegian photographer and filmmaker, based in Oslo. She graduated from Bilder Nordic School of Photgraphy in 2013. Before discovering her love for photography, she studied acting at NISS (Nordic institute for stage and studio) where she developed her skills for storytelling which she incorporates in her work.

Paulina is a compassionate photographer, but doesn´t shy away from the reality of her subjects lives. She is curious and excited by society and through her often melancholic images she hopes to reach below the surface and show deeper understanding of the complexities of life today

Her long term documentary film project 'Ingen tid å miste' ('No time to lose') has been shown at several Norwegian film festivals and aired on national TV - NRK (The Norwegian national broadcasting channel).

With this project she was chosen to participate in the 2014/2015 Twelve for the Future workshop organized by EDN (European Documentary Network), and the project was supported by the Norwegian Film Institute, Fritt Ord and NRK.  

Paulina has been published in:

VG, A-magasinet, Aftenposten Innsikt, Docfilm, Nordic/Docs, God Morgen Norge (TV2), Fanfare, Dagens Næringsliv, =Oslo, Fotografi


Commersial clients:

Netflix, Hennes & Mauritz, Sparebank1, Helly Hansen, FutureBuilt, NP Bygg, Norsk Visesang Forum, Norsk Friluftsliv, Geitmyra matkultursenter

'Uncontaminated Fashion and Art Festival' - October 2015
'The Lost Generation' - April 2013:





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